South Shelby Chamber of Commerce | Summer Seminar Series with Johnny Carcioppolo, Focal Point Coaching
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Summer Seminar Series with Johnny Carcioppolo, Focal Point Coaching

Summer Seminar Series with Johnny Carcioppolo, Focal Point Coaching

July 12, 2017 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Hampton Inn at Eagle Point

6220 Farley Court Birmingham, AL 35242 United States

Organized By

April Stone


Communicating for Success, Watch your language!

Do you know these two truths about COMMUNICATION?

  1. If you are dealing with everyone the same way you could be losing up to 75% of your opportunities to become a more effective entrepreneur or business owner.
  2. If you respond the same way to everyone then you are not responding to anyone.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you connected with immediately? Feels good, right? How about someone you clearly did not connect with? How did that feel?

Come join us for this interactive workshop where you will:

  • Learn the Universal Language of DISC.
  • Learn the key characteristics, identifiers as well as the do’s and don’ts for each of the 4 DISC Behavioral styles.
  • Understand your own behavioral style.
  • Recognize the behavioral style of others.
  • Understand the difference between Natural Behavior and Adapted Behavior.
  • Adapt and blend your style for greater, more effective communication, networking, sales and relationships.
  • Improve how you communicate and connect with customers, competitors, peers, employees, family, and well lets just say EVERYONE.


Wednesday, July 12th – Sales Breakthrough Program

Use what you learned last month about behaviors to help in improve your sales efforts.. 

“When you as a salesperson call on buyers, you carry more than just your briefcase. You carry with you a considerable amount of unseen “baggage” that can and often does get in the way of your most conscientious sales efforts. That baggage consists of your expectations – beliefs of how buyers should act in the upcoming sales situation instead of the way they actually will behave. No matter how experienced you are, you will probably forget that people buy things for their reasons, not yours, and that their agenda is often quite different from yours.”

“The buyer has expectations as well. Buyers have strong notions of how you as a salesperson should act. These notions often differ from your own expectation of how the sale should proceed. So when these expectations differ, they become obstacles to accomplishing your call objectives. This can happen for several reasons:

  1. No two people are alike. People have distinct, different preferences for how they want and expect others to behave. Like behavior, expectations are based on people’s backgrounds and past experiences. Expectations are the products of a lifetime of learning how to satisfy personal and social needs and learning how to achieve comfort in relationships with others.
  2. When their expectations are not met, people feel frustrated and uncomfortable. A buyer feels mistrust and retreats. This is unproductive for both parties and does not contribute to building a relationship.”


Wednesday, August 16th   – Unlock problem solving abilities on your team 

A major challenge faced by many organizational leaders is their own tendency to be hands-on problem solvers. this skill may have contributed to their promotion to management, but it can easily become a limitation. Effective leaders know that their primary role is not to solve problems but to unleash the problem-solving capacity of those around them. Until they gain this skill, they are functioning as “worker bees” instead of leaders. Come join us for this interactive workshop where you will learn to unlock the problem-solving capacity of others by incorporating coaching into your leadership style.

The areas we will cover in applying a coaching leadership style include:

  • Adopting the coaching mindset – the advantages of moving from a problem-solving mindset to a coaching mindset.
  • The 5 functions of Navigational Coaching – understanding what a leader is trying to achieve through coaching.
  • Understanding the principles that define the process
  • Having a structure to manage coaching conversations effectively
  • Being a good listener – exploring 3 different levels of listening
  • Asking powerful questions – exploring the 3 intentions behind asking questions
  • Giving effective positive feedback
  • Giving corrective feedback that people can hear non-defensively
  • Being able to share useful perspectives and wisdom



April Stone

Phone: 205-669-9075



Hampton Inn at Eagle Point

6220 Farley Court
Birmingham, AL 35242 United States



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